Zoë was the Cosmopolitan relationship advice person for almost 10 years, and wrote Textbook Romance - two things that are meant to make you believe she is authorised to tell you what to do with your heart and head when you're being annihilated by a break-up.

But mostly, she was just really, really shit at break-ups for a long time, and did some really embarrassing, borderline illegal stuff, so she created this app to save you the same humiliation when you’re knee-deep in your own filthy break-up swamp.

Break-ups are awful, and they’re very real, but that doesn’t mean they get to take over your whole life for a year.

YOU can take charge. YOU can be the boss of your break-up. YOU can choose to see it as a gift. And well you dang should! Life is too short not to learn and grow from our romantic upheavals, then move the hell forward.

Break-Up Boss gives you all of the tools and techniques (and lots of lectures – cute!) to deal with all of the stages of your break-up, and just as you need them: in your phone, as you’re about to call your ex/have another shot of Tequila. This is a Real Life, no-nonsense picture of a break-up, and an enthusiastic, empowered and positive view of how to deal with it.

Think of it as a teeny-weeny pocket coach! Always on your side, and with a singular goal: to get you through this break-up in a positive, healthy fashion, and over onto the sunny, unicorn-saturated hill of self-confidence and happiness. Or at the very least, not text your ex just cos it’s Sunday and you're sad and hungover and fancy some hanky panky.


Mari Andrew is a NYC based writer and illustrator whose witty, brilliant, original, adorable, omg-that-is-so-TRUE/ME comics on Instagram have garnered her a overnight global audience. Mari’s take on dating, single life and heartbreak is particularly insightful, as the illustrations through Break-Up Boss quickly prove. Zoë has an enormous crush on Mari, and still can’t believe she agreed to work with her on this app.

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Break-Up Boss is changing people’s lives! And if you don’t believe us, just read these glowing testimonials, only some of which are fake.

"Breaking up is hard. Especially when you’re, like, really heartbroken and didn’t want it to end. But, you know, I’m really happy now, and what goes around comes around."
- Justin T.

"Break-ups are tough, but throw in six kids and a villa in France, and shit gets real messy. Break-Up Boss is really helping though. Thanks, guys!"
- Angelina J.

"I’ll tell you when break-ups are hard. When it’s public, and some witch steals your man. THAT’S a tough break-up."
- Jennifer A.

"My baby and I are, like, on-off, but when it’s off? I change my hair, buy a cute new Lambo, and I totally DIE for Break-Up Boss. It keeps me, like, totally sane."
- Kylie J.