A message from Zoe:
Earlier this week I launched some complementary merch, featuring the word ‘Boss’. Obviously, being awesome at business, before I manufactured many items I made SUPER sure to NOT check if there were any trademark issues around the word ‘Boss.’ HA HA HA TURNS OUT THERE IS!!!! A very well-known international fashion brand called dibs on the word a long time ago! And good on them. It’s a fantastic word, and they deserve it. Annnyway. We obviously apologise for any confusion this may have created, and we’ve removed those items from sale. We’re gonna re-design and re-launch again soon. (This time with added due diligence.) For now I’m just gonna get back to this sneaker line I’m working on. Thinking of calling it Now I Know Everything. (Or ‘Nike' for short.)

Rose Quartz Heart

$15   x    x    

As any crystal fan worth their lapis lazuli knows, rose quartz is the stone of love and relationships. It helps heal wounds of the heart, and is the perfect talisman to keep on your person during the restoration of your sweet, sore heart.

Our smooth, pink rose quartz heart fits perfectly in the hand, handbag and pocket, and acts as a reminder that you're loved, and you're healing. AS well as doing good things for your healing and comfort, rose quartz is also said to help attract new love and intimacy. (WoOOoo!) But mostly: the healing stuff. Carry it with you always!

Textbook Romance

$19   x    x    

The bestselling book by Zoe Foster Blake, (with assistance from Hamish Blake). Helpful for those who are single, committed, and in-betweensies, and definitely for the moment you move out of the heartbreak hotel, and into Casa Confidence.

Once your heart is firmly glued back together, and you're smiling a lot more, and enjoying time by yourself, and maybe even flirting with your barista, it's time to read Textbook Romance. Ysee, being single, and dating, and starting a new relationship are not as intuitive and easy as the movies would have us believe. Sometimes you need a little bit of guidance (and tough love) to make sure you don't let some skeezy dingus trample your heart, or allow a toxic relationship to kick off, or forget to enjoy being gloriously single.